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Develop the mindset and strategy to become a leader in the biohacking, alternative and holistic wellness space and 10X your business and impact!


Expert Mentors

The Bioboardroom isn't just a mastermind – it's your launchpad to unparalleled success. Collaborate with the most influential minds in biohacking, alternative medicine, and holistic wellness. Elevate your network to new heights and create alliances that transcend industries. As a member of this exclusive enclave, you'll be poised to amplify your impact and leave an indelible mark on the world. Learning from some of the best in the industry such as Gary Brecka, Grant Cardone, Chris Himel, & Brandon Dawson.

Immersive 2 Day Trainings Every Quarter

Step away from the daily grind and step into a realm of inspiration. Our quarterly in-person masterminds are where the magic truly happens. Engage in captivating dialogues with luminaries and thought leaders in alternative medicine, and gain firsthand experiences that breathe life into your vision. These intensive two-day sessions are designed to amplify your strategic prowess and invigorate your perspective.

Scaling Playbook

Our group of highly successful and recognized entrepreneurs have designed businesses that allows them to have the time and freedom to enjoy time with the most important people in their lifes, their family! Learn the key aspects to constructing a business that can build your wealth and provide you life changing opportunities without sacrificing your life.

Create a Bigger Impact

At the heart of Bio Boardroom, we’re on a mission to fuel visionary ambitions, nurturing unwavering confidence in ourselves, our community, and our partners, as we collaboratively build a healthier world.

Our Founders

Chris Himel

Founder of BioBoardroom he spent over 11 years running a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in digital automation and high ROI campaigns, he also has 20+ years of experience in sales training and wrote two game changing books “Business is Simple But it Aint Easy & Forget Fail: Make the Sale.

Gary Brecka

As Chief Human Biologist for 10X Health, Gary guides the company’s Global Wellness vision and direction. He has over 20 years of experience in “Bio-Hacking” and “Functional Medicine” and is one of the leading voices in the Biohacking and Peak Performance Space.

What People Are Saying About Bio Boardroom™

"You're going to save yourself a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of heartache. It's hard work and they've done all the hard work for you in putting it together in a concise and easy to understand format"

Here's what we will do in the next 12 months together

Unprecedented Value During this 12 Month Mastermind where the greatest minds in our industry gather to create the pinnacle of professional collaboration and growth.

3 Off Site Masterminds Per Year

Get a seat at the table with other CEOs where we’ll share the latest innovations in the industry, network, and make lifelong connections and potential partnerships. (CEOs & Executives Only)

9 Virtual Masterminds

Get time with other members in cohorts, matched specifically to set you up for growth and success, strategize through any issues or industry changes, and grow together. (CEOs & Executives Only)

Quarterly Team Training

Dedicated to supporting and training your team/staff on what’s most important to help move the needle in your business.

3-Hour MBA Course

Entire Company Access

Business start-up and maximizer course, with SOPs, templates, scripts, & more.

3-Hour IV Mastery Course

Entire Company Access

Master the clinical benefits of IV Vitamins and Hydration and clinical knowledge to design wellness programs for your ideal clients.

12-Month Membership To HealerHub

Get 12 months complimentary access to our lead generation CRM designed specifically for Bio Businesses.

Access to Slack Support and Networking

Exclusive Bio Boardroom Member Ticket To Bio Biz Bash 2024

On-Demand Advanced Trainings

Members’ Only Bio Boardroom Network Rolodex

Fun Experience Trip (Priceless Value) (Optional; costs not included)

Your journey starts here

The Bio Boardroom™ isn't a place for everyone. It's meant for people who thrive on pushing limits, view challenges as chances to grow, and know that true success is achieved when we work together with smart, creative minds. If you're a forward-thinking CEO in the realms of biohacking, alternative medicine, or holistic wellness, consider this your special invitation to join this exclusive group.

Limited memberships available.

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